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Paula Smith Moran

Paula grew up with a love of clothes and shopping. She lived in a mill town in New England and watched her family sew and tailor, and choose just the right fabric for making a dress, skirt, jacket, pants etc.

Paula became a passionate advocate for the Color Me Beautiful fabric draping process, and once she had her “colors done”  she knew what she wanted to do for others.  Paula created Your Style with a focus on helping others find their best colors. 

Paula also became a consultant with Fashion Fit Formula and learned to assess the best necklines, sleeve length, jacket fit, pant options, etc.  

Paula can walk into a store, or go online and instantly make decisions for, or with clients. 

Paula knows how to help her clients declutter with sorting, keeping, tossing and getting a fresh perspective on their wardrobe. 

Paula has over 20 years of experience taking the stress out of finding just the right outfit to enhance your confidence and personal style.  She is successful with people of all ages, diverse backgrounds, and body types.  


Worked with Career Development Company to help job seekers create their best first impressions with color and style. Found bridesmaid dresses at a discount for a wedding party; the bride was thrilled. Shopped with clients who found the right colors, styles, and fit the first time to avoid the hassle of returns.

Education and Career

Paula has a Masters degree in Education, is certified in Project Management, and worked in Education, Organizational Development, Sales and Marketing, and Health Care.  She taught communication skills to parents and teachers for better listening and assertiveness.

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